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This Mastermind group is about helping understanding what makes you tick and how to use your God given abilities to obtain your riches.

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About Thomas S.

Thomas S. aka Mr. Rich Man in Training is an entrepreneur, speaker, podcaster, and author who in 2000 was a high school dropout that just started a six year prison sentence at the age of 19 for running a $400K drug distribution business. During his time in prison he earned his GED and began taking college classes in Business, Philosophy, and English focusing on how to build a legitimate business and getting a real understanding about life. When he was released in 2005 he tried his first legit business and failed miserably. Having to feed his family he took a minimum wage job as a warehouse worker and enrolled into college to get a Business Degree. Within five years he earned his Bachelor Degree in Business graduating with honors, bought his first house, married his longtime girlfriend and now business partner, launched his second business, and was earning six figures running a $60 million business division for the corporation he once swept their warehouse floor for. In 2013 Thomas was asked to join a Cloud Technology company as a Managing Director where he learned how to run a tech company and gave him the idea to start his own. During his time running the Cloud company he enrolled into Drucker School of Management of the prestigious Claremont Graduate University to earn his Executive MBA and certifications in Leadership, Business Strategy, and Management. In 2015 Thomas was asked to join one of the world’s largest Technology Companies to work as Business Technology Consultant teaching companies how to best run their technologies. During his time with the Tech Company he mapped out the start of Rich Man In Training by first writing Rich Man In Training “VII Pillars To Riches” and becoming a public speaker. After two years Thomas was making enough money to transition into running his IT & Digital Marketing firm full-time and make the investments to build Rich Man In Training into a platform for any entrepreneur to level up. Today, Thomas runs three companies and Rich Man In Training with his wife from their offices in Las Vegas, NV and Riverside, CA on a mission to help 1,000 people live their dream as an entrepreneur.